Stewart Economics

Stewart Economics is a consulting firm that specializes in the insurance business and insurance regulation.  Its work includes property-casualty, life and health.

The members of the firm have had high level operating experience in the management and regulation of the insurance business. They have written extensively on the theory, economics and history of insurance and on contemporary insurance problems. They offer clients a useful combination of original theoretical work and practical business and government experience.

Since the firm's formation in 1981, its clientele has been balanced among the insurance business, claimants against the insurance business and others, chiefly government agencies, dealing with it. The kinds of work include:


Competitive strategy design and implementation for individual companies
Crisis management for insurance companies and regulators in cases of threatened insolvency or other serious difficulty
Mergers and demutualizations of insurance companies and other mergers with insurance questions
Dispute resolution involving interpretation of insurance and reinsurance policies, as adjudicators and as expert witness
Analysis of insurance market performance, regulatory policy and the economics of the insurance business